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The principal of St. Bernadette School applied for a scholarship on behalf of grade one student, Yousif.  While Yousif was doing well learning his third language he was struggling socially and desperately wanted to play with other children. The principal stated "We really believe his participation in sports would encourage him to play positively, develop cooperation and social skills, language development, and love for education as he interacts with adults and his peers."  The scholarship from the Foundation purchased soccer shin pads and cleats and paid the spring soccer league registration fee.  The principal attended many of the practices and games and reports that it was a great success – Yousif never missed a single practice or game and his parents were always there!
Brooklyn is  from Gift Lake and loves to dance – hip-hop, ballet and tap. This year she wanted to go to two dance festivals in the spring but the cost of travel to them was prohibitive.  Brooklyn expressed her love of dance beautifully in her application letter and the Foundation decided to help her out with her transportation costs.  As a result she was able to attend both festivals where she won gold in both solo and group hip-hop and the individual outstanding performance award for hip-hop at the Sherwood Park Festival.
The Foundation
John Hasselfield began his teaching career with the Calgary Board of Education in 1967. His contributions to Junior High School athletics were numerous. John's passion for basketball was evident in the many years of coaching at the Junior High and High School levels. John was the longest serving Assistant Basketball coach at the University of Calgary. John was a strong believer in athletics but as an educator always emphasized the main importance of education to his students. He was a supporter of the Fine Arts programs in all the schools he served in Calgary (Colonel Irvine, Elboya, Sir Wilfred Laurier, Colonel MacLeod, Annie Gale, Vincent Massey). In his retirement John enjoyed his other passions including being outdoors, horses, watching sports, reading and spending time with family. He stayed active in volunteer coaching roles for the Sundre Junior and High School basketball programs.  John's excellence as an educator, leader, coach and mentor earned him the respect of his students, athletes, parents, coaches, colleagues and family. John left us much too early on November 7, 2008. This Endowment Foundation is a tribute to him and a continuation of his legacy.
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A non-profit society created to provide support to young people who display a wanting desire for personal development and learning through education, sports, music and physical activity, who might otherwise not fulfill that desire because life has put obstacles in their path in ways beyond their control.


Through financial assistance and mentorship, help children and youth in the Alberta Public School System overcome obstacles and achieve their potential.

To perpetuate John Hasselfield's legacy:
  • To build and maintain a $250,000.00 endowment fund in John Hasselfield's name that will be the source for scholarships distributed to students in the Alberta Public School System who apply to the Foundation for assistance and meet Foundation criteria.
  • To connect young people to Members of the Foundation who can mentor and support them in their personal development quest through education, sports and the performing arts.
  • To promote and perpetuate the John Hasselfield legacy and beliefs.
  • To raise funds for the aforementioned objectives and to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for these.
  • To assist in equity versus equality in education
  • To recognize that there is good in everyone - we simply need to take the time to find it and expand on it.
  • To Hold "family-like" events where:
    • people share each other's experiences
    • have fun
    • swap stories
    • listen to music
    • enjoy the outdoors
    • being positive and maintaining traditions

Foundation memberships are now available: apply today!


         John Hasselfield Endowment Foundation