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Spring 2019 Award Winners
Number of Students Assisted since 2011:  140
Total Amount of Foundation Funds Dispersed: $43,747.00
Total  Funds Dispersed this YEAR: $14,042.12

Where Award Winners are Located

Distribution of Award Winners
NAVARRA An impelling story of this Calgary high school student who last fall was preparing to take part in her first triathlon when she was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder. Part of what she wrote in her essay is below: “I was born with Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome, which is a connective tissue disorder resulting in frequent subluxation and dislocation of my joints, breathing problems, severe migraines, and pain, among other symptoms. The severity of my symptoms have increased as I reached my teenage years, needing a surgery to rebuild my shoulder joint by the time I was fifteen. The disability is an invisible one, but when my joints sublax or become injured, I need to use supports such as slings, braces, tape, canes, crutches, and, most recently, a wheelchair. I do not intend to allow my disability to prevent me doing what I love, but it has been very challenging to participate in my sports while in a wheelchair.” Navarra was asking for money to help buy a sports wheelchair so she could continue taking part in the sports that she loves. We could only help her with $350 but when Vel Hasselfield was relating the story to some friends in Palm Desert, they were so taken with her story that they donated $1000.00 (US) to Navarra. When I delivered the money to Navarra at her high school in Calgary, she met me in the school office and told me that through some fundraising at school combined with the money from JHEF and the private donation, she was going to be able to purchase the sports wheelchair. She has been trying out wheel chairs and has chosen the one she thought would best suit her needs. She was off the following week to Edmonton to compete in provincial track and field championships. Triathlon Athlete

EMILY A robotics club organized and run by Emily, a high school student in Calgary. She was asking for money to help send her team of young kids interested in robotics to a robotics competitions in Texas. She was raising money for her whole team so we asked her to identify some individuals who were in need of financial help to attend the competition. We then received applications from 4 of her club members, all of whom definitely qualified for funding. Team members who received funding: Emily, Griffin, Felix and Tim Junio Tech Kids Academy

BAMFIELD Several students made funding requests to attend their schools Banfield Trip, where students are exposed to and experience marine and coastal sciences on the wild wet coast of BC, through many hands experiences. These students were sponsored: Ane, Lovejivan, Muskan, Navreet, and Navpreet, . School Sponsored Trip

SEAS On this trip students will have opportunities to sail, learn navigation techniques, study ecological systems, and explore history along the west coast of Canada The following students were funded: Meghan. West Coast Sailing Trip

Ally & Trinity - Band Trip to Disneyland
Brodie - Band Trip to Anaheim
Kaylun, Olivia, Tyler - School Trips to Europe
Ariel - Mountain Bike Club Membership
Brooklyn - School Trip to Ottawa
Hamza - U of C Summer Basketball Camp
Hannah - School Trip to Quebec
Lucas - Nordic Competition, Thunderbay ON
Nicholas - U of C Basketball Club
Nicole - CBA Spring Basketball League
Oyin - Banff Music Retreat
Rebekah - Irish Dance Competition
Tanner - Basketball Summer Camp
Walid - English Tutoring Sylvan Learning

Helping Alberta Students
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