John Hasselfield Endowment Foundation

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A non-profit society created to provide support to young people who display a wanting desire for personal development and learning through education, sports, music and physical activity, who might otherwise not fulfill that desire because life has put obstacles in their path in ways beyond their control.

Through financial assistance and mentorship, help children and youth in the Alberta Public School System overcome obstacles and achieve their potential.

To perpetuate John Hasselfield's legacy:

  • To build and maintain a $250,000.00 endowment fund in John Hasselfield's name that will be the source for Grants distributed to students in the Alberta Public School System who apply to the Foundation for assistance and meet Foundation criteria.

  • To connect young people to Members of the Foundation who can mentor and support them in their personal development quest through education, sports and the performing arts.

  • To promote and perpetuate the John Hasselfield legacy and beliefs.

  • To raise funds for the aforementioned objectives and to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for these.

  • To assist in equity versus equality in education.

  • To recognize that there is good in everyone - we simply need to take the time to find it and expand on it.

  • To Hold "family-like" events where: people share each others experiences, have fun, swap stories, listen to music, enjoy the outdoors, being positive, and maintaining traditions.

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